Black Leather Boxing Gloves

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OUR NEW AND IMPROVED B&B GLOVE!  Custom black leather boxing gloves that are open in the hand so that you can lift weights without taking your gloves off. We have made more design improvements on this glove and it now comes in butter soft leather with black trim!

Think of all the things you can do if you never have to take off your boxing gloves..... lift weights, drink water, tie your shoe, take selfies and so much more! These have been designed to give a great amount of support through the wrist as well as a good amount of padding on the knuckles. This allows you to hit the punching bag or punch mitts.

SIZING- These are sized according to your hand size. If you are a woman with petite to average sized hands the small will work. If you are a woman with larger hands or a man with small hands a medium will work. If you are a man with average sized to large hands the Large will work.

We suggest you wrap your hands under these gloves


Small- women's hands

Medium- Average-large women's hands

Large- Men's hands

*There is may be a slight increase in shipping when ordering more than 1 pair



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Replacing traditional gloves.

This is my second pair! I have a set in brown and now black. By far one of the easiest gloves to put on and the best part you don’t have to take them off for drinking water, checking your phone, picking up a sweat towel - really just anything.

Debra DeLau
Superior…by far!

Throw your gloves away. I would never consider using anything else after having these gloves. Top quality and no more ‘on and off’ during class. I can do everything with them on and I don’t miss a beat. One work…genius. Well done.